Terms and Conditions

Here is the boring stuff…

These rules, terms, and conditions apply to both public and private treasure hunts organized by American Treasure Hunters, and Jason and Sacha Dent, as well as those treasure hunts organized by other affiliated and non-affiliated individuals and groups, and are advertised by American Treasure Hunters, Kansas Treasure Hunts, and Jason and Sacha Dent.

The rules, terms and conditions, and privacy policy may change or be updated at any time. It is up to the individual (referred to herein as ‘Searcher’) to review this document, and agree to it, prior to participating in any treasure hunt.

Rules for Treasure Hunts:


American Treasure Hunters will hide a treasure and release clues for finding it via the American Treasure Hunters YouTube channel, American Treasure Hunters Facebook group, Kansas Treasure Hunts Facebook page, other yet unnamed Facebook groups and pages, or a combination thereof.

Individuals, teams, and family groups will work to solve the clues and uncover the location where the treasure is hidden.

Photos of prize and approximate value will be posted prior to the clues or in conjunction with them on the previously mentioned channels.

Be smart, safe, and courteous. Treasure hunts are supposed to a fun and safe activity for people of all ages. Leave all locations as you found them, do not litter, do not trespass, obey all local, state, and federal laws, and – most importantly – have fun.

While no purchase is necessary to participate, searchers may incur costs related to searching for hidden treasures. All costs associated with hunting for treasures are the responsibility of the searcher(s). You accept responsibility for all costs associated with your own searching activities. American Treasure Hunters will not credit or reimburse any of these expenses.

All treasures, unless otherwise stated, require a physical search of a location and physical retrieval of treasure. Correctly guessing the location of the treasure and notifying American Treasure Hunters of the location does not constitute a win, and does not entitle the notifier to the prize.

Armchair treasure hunts do not require physical searching. Armchair hunts will be clearly noted. Searchers may need to identify and/or locate an object, photo, web page, location, or other indicated item to claim the prize. The first person to locate the correct item and send proof to American Treasure Hunters via email, Facebook messenger, phone call, or other indicated form of communication, will be declared the winner.

There are no second place prizes (unless otherwise noted). Someone else may reach the treasure or submit the correct answer before you do. The first person to notify American Treasure Hunters of the correct answer requested will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, American Treasure Hunters will make every effort to determine which was the first to submit, which may be a difference of only a few seconds.

On some occasions, due to the size or value of the prize, a proxy item may be hidden in lieu of the treasure. Instructions for retrieval of actual prize will be indicated on the proxy item. In the event the instructions are unreadable, finder may contact American Treasure Hunters with proof of possession of proxy item to retrieve the prize. American Treasure Hunters will make every effort to ship or transfer actual prize to the finder of the proxy item at the first available opportunity, at the cost of American Treasure Hunters, within the lower 48 United States. Anyone residing in Alaska, Hawaii, or outside the continental US that wishes to claim a prize will pay any shipping, taxes, and customs fees associated with claiming a prize.

Finder will notify American Treasure Hunters that the treasure has been found at the first available opportunity. Notification may be through email, phone call, or Facebook messenger. By providing photos to American Treasure Hunters, you agree to allow them to use the photos in all press releases, end-of-contest announcements, and on all social media channels.

American Treasure Hunters will notify the public that the treasure hunt has ended, as soon as is reasonably possible. Notifications of the end of a treasure hunt will be shared to the appropriate Facebook page.

All -participants are responsible for reporting prizes and appropriate values to local, state, and federal tax authorities. Taxes are the sole responsibility of the winner.

Waiver of Liability and Acceptance of Responsibility

By participating in a treasure hunt organized by American Treasure Hunters, you agree to the following terms and waiver of liability in its entirety:

*Your participation in a treasure hunt means you have fully read, understood, agree, and accept these terms.

*Treasure hunts are open to members of all ages. However, those under the age of 18 who wish to participate will require that a parent or guardian read, accept, understand, and agree to these terms on behalf of the minor.

*You agree to follow all state, federal, county, and local laws and ordinances in your hunt for treasures.

*Participate at your own risk. You agree to release American Treasure Hunters, Jason and Sacha Dent, partners, sponsors, officers, affiliated entities, and other participants from any liability resulting from injury, death, criminal activity of participant, destruction of property, partnership disputes with other treasure hunters, and any other legal or medical issues that may arise from participation.

*You agree to not dig, smash, break, or otherwise destroy anything, both on public and private property. Our treasures will never be hidden in a place that will require any digging or destruction of property. Most will be hidden in a public place. In the event a treasure is hidden on private property, American Treasure Hunters will have obtained prior permission to hiding the treasure.

*In the event a treasure is hidden on private property, you agree to release property owners, officers, affiliated entities, and employees from all liability resulting from injuries while participating in the treasure hunt.

*Your safety is your responsibility. While all of our treasures are hidden, they will never be hidden in an area that is inherently dangerous or difficult to reach. However, there may be occasions where participants can be injured while searching for treasure, traveling to search for treasure, or traveling from searching for treasure. You agree that American Treasure Hunters, Jason and Sacha Dent, partners, officers, affiliated entities, and sponsors are not responsible for any injuries that may occur during treasure hunting activities, including: bumps, cuts, bruises, broken bones, head and brain injuries, disabling injuries, paralyzing injuries, and death; injuries resulting from car accidents, climbing, running, walking, bike riding, flying, or other modes of transportation; injuries or medical issues arising from underlying health issues, known and unknown to participant.

Privacy Policy

American Treasure Hunters will not release personally identifiable information on finders without asking permission from the finder first.

American Treasure Hunters does not collect personal information on participants, including address, phone number, email address, age, or race. All contact information provided is done so voluntarily, and will only be used to contact the finder for media requests, sharing stories of the find, or future treasure hunts that the person previously expressed interest in.

American Treasure Hunters will never share your information with outside organizations without your permission. In the event we receive a media request to interview a finder, we will ask permission from the finder prior to sharing contact information. Any finders that do not wish to be interviewed will not be required to interview.

Photos provided by finders may be used on social media channels, including Facebook and YouTube, or in local or national media channels. Proper permission will be obtained prior to sharing images on social media channels.